Easter Dinner

I don’t know about you, however, I’m super excited about Easter this year! When my son was little, we would look for a new church  outfit, decorate eggs, create an Easter basket for him and all of my God-children (even shipped baskets out of state), and prepare a huge meal with friends. My son is 22 now, and clearly outgrown the traditions of making Easter baskets, decorating and hunting for eggs, however, he still loves to eat a good home cooked meal, so that brings me great joy! 

Due to working with clients out of state, I’m rarely home on Easter. This year proves no different than last. I’ll actually be in LA for Easter and looking forward to honey glazed ham, Mac n cheese, candied yams, greens and Hawaiian bread! My tradition of cooking hasn’t changed, however, it’s usually a pot luck situation with friends in the city where I’m working. I pray each of you enjoy your time with family and friends. I’m sharing a few recipes and hope you incorporate them into your Easter traditions.