Tillina whitehead

Cincinnati, oh

"OMG... Is it insane to say that I'm totally in love with a cookie?! I just INHALED the best darn red velvet cookie that has ever been baked! I wish y'all could really feel me FORREAL!... Shout out to Courtney Brown"

kevin b.

lafayette, In

“There is nothing like a celebration with GREAT FOOD and the fellowship of family and close friends. Courtney, what you did for my pre-wedding cookout was truly amazing. I was so astonished to witness you hold down two kitchens and a grill all by yourself. And the food, from the preparation to the quality to the taste, I’m still lost for words (and that’s no easy task) to this very day. The grilled salmon, baked mac ‘n cheese and the greens were among the best I’ve ever tasted. Oh, and those cookies, they were my favorite snack the entire weekend. I really appreciate and respect your culinary expertise in cooking, grilling, and baking. I’m overjoyed that you catered the cookout, and was glad to see you join the rest of us in celebrating my nuptials. Everyone said they had a wonderful time and enjoyed the food. Thank you for making my cookout an event that will be remembered and discussed for many years. From a party of 1 to a party of 60, Courtney will make your meal or event a huge success! Thanks, Courtney!”

michelle davila

dallas, tx

There's nothing like having milk and cookies on a Friday to put a smile on everyone's face. These freshly baked, moist, and extremely delicious red velvet cookies were a hit with the ladies at Borden Dairy! We will def. be ordering more in the future. Thank you to @chefcourt1 for bringing a smile to our soul."                    

colleen bradley

Cincinnati, oh

"I had the pleasure of experiencing (yes, it's an experience!) Chef Courtney's signature cooking this weekend. Spinach dip appetizer, Chicken Tikka masala over basmati rice as the main dish, and homemade caramel cake for desert! Each bite was wonderful as it was cooked to perfection. It's always a pleasure and a joy."

greye kennedy

Atlanta, ga

"Courtney Brown's red velvet cookies are the truth!! If you have not tried them you are missing out on a great treat! Thanks Courtney!!!!"

chuck "mister" kelly

Cincinnati, oh

"I was Courtney's physics teacher in high school; I give her cookies an A+!!!!"

dexter fowler

cardinals | world series champion | st. louis, MO

“I cannot imagine my off-seasons without Chef Court. She’s like family to my family, and a huge asset in my career. Her cooking is delicious and nutritious.”

Valerie Matthews

Columbia, MD

“I can not thank you enough for cooking the meals for us on Friday. I had my family over on Saturday, and believe me EVERYTHING that I pulled out for them to eat was a hugh hit!!! The kids were like magicians because they made the taco meat disappear in no time. My cousin’s son is a picky eater, this is the first time I’ve seen him eat more than anyone else. We ate some of the rice, manicotti, and oh my goodness, the cake. I needed two cakes (I thought I asked for two?).”

Kelly jackson

Cincinnati, oh

"Got my cookies in the mail the other day all I can say is deliciousness!! They were fresh soft and good on arrival I had to hide them from my children. Also the packaging was very professional! Thank you Courtney!"

falana whitehead

Cincinnati, oh

"I just ate the most amazing, delicious, moist, BEST red velvet cookie that Atlanta and Cincinnati has ever came across!!!! Courtney you did your thang!!!!!"

The Woolfolk Family

Atlanta, ga

“Dinner was excellent! Thank you! I now KNOW why you are flown around the country to prepare your scrumptious meals. You are the BEST!!!”

Nikki Thompson

Cincinnati, oh

“This woman can throw down! I can put together a thing or two in the kitchen myself, so I usually find myself a bit more critical of catered food. Chile, Chef Court made a believer out of me! Everything was wonderful. I enjoyed the savory taste of the chicken marsala, along with some of the most unbelievable mashed potatoes. I also came back for seconds for the turkey spaghetti (and you know everybody can not make good spaghetti). Then there was the peach cobbler, cookies and ice cream which somehow found a small empty spot in my filled tummy. Lord have mercy! Lets just say I would highly recommend Chef Court for any occasion.”

street lotto

Atlanta, ga

"Court!!!!!!! I just tasted the Red Velvet cookies for the first time at the Super Bowl party! 2 words... In-Sane!!!!!"

Alan Anderson

clippers | los angeles, CA

“Chef Court is the best there is when it comes to cooking. I’ve been all around the world, and tried all kinds of different foods and different chefs. Never ate anything from Court that was just “okay”. Everything she has made for me and my friends, has never lasted the next day. Everything is great!!!!!!! Especially those RED VELVET cookies…….they are to die for! DEAD SERIOUS!!!! You are missing out on some unbelievable food, if you don’t try her cooking.”

anna dukes


"Wow, these key lime pie cookies are so good I feel like I should be eating them with a fork!"

Kelly bullock

Cincinnati, oh

"I have tasted plenty of cookies from other bakeries, but never heard of a red velvet cookie before. Courtney's red velvet cookies are to die for! I love them!"


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Kenya Pierre

Atlanta, ga

"These are my favorite cookies to order when we have family or friends over. Everyone loves them. I just ordered some for corporate gifts and they were beautifully packaged and wonderfully enjoyed. Courtney Cookies are my definite "go to" treat!"

treva reid

Oakland, ca

“Courtney’s cooking skills range from gourmet to down-home, sho’ nuff good! She’s provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner with items in my pantry. I was impressed with her ability to take what I had in my kitchen, which seemed limited to me, and make a well-balanced, delicious meal that was fantastic! I’m looking forward to taking cooking lessons so my family can enjoy Courtney’s meals even when she’s not scheduled to be our personal chef.”

Roger Barry

Cleveland, oh

"Courtney's Cookies are THE BEST! Red Velvet and Key Lime are my absolute favorite! These treats never get old and I can eat a whole box by myself they're so good!!! Thank you Courtney!"

Dr. angelene J. hall

Cincinnati, oh

"Courtney, the cookies came today and we have eaten them. They were wonderful! Oh my God, they were delicious. I planned to eat just one, but then I ate another and another. I should have just eaten one (1), but they were so good! Unbelievably good! What I didn't eat, Leslie ate and now we have one (1) left. I assumed they would be good, but I didn't expect them to be spectacular. They are so-o-o good."

Debbie robinson

Columbus, oh

“I ate filet mignon with mushroom sauce made by Chef Courtney and it was off the chain! How could it be so good after traveling from ATL to Columbus, Ohio, refrigerated and reheated and just so tender and soooo good! Courtney you are the bomb! If you haven’t hired Chef Courtney, you should not wait another day.”

Chauncey Billups

espn analyst | nba champion | Denver, CO

“Courtney has cooked for our family for 5 years now and it’s been an absolute delight! I’ve challenged her many times and every time she rises to the occasion."

joy tribble

Atlanta, ga

"Court, the cookies were a hit at work, especially those key lime… they are INCREDIBLE!"

missy brennan

Cincinnati, oh

"Courtney's cookies are delicious. I have enjoyed many of the flavors but my favorite, of course, is red velvet. They are AWESOME!"

angie dutch

Atlanta, ga

“How do you comment on a subject that changes your whole life? Being an extremely busy business owner, wife, mother, and active community volunteer, I found myself faced daily with the dilemma of how to feed my own family. This service solved this daily obstacle by providing healthy meals for my family to enjoy. It also provides the critical extra time to actually sit and enjoy a few precious moments with the ones I love the most. Thanks Courtney for giving me back what we lost, Quality time together.”

Nicole ward

cleveland, oh

"That isn't just a cookie. It looks like a small pile of yummy deliciousness" Upon unwrapping the plastic - "oh my GOODness you can SMELL them"

nikki mobley

Atlanta, ga

"There red velvet cookies are so Damn good! Courtney, you need your ass whipped! Simply delicious!"

Michelle Hansberry

Atlanta, ga

“Chef Court has hired us “the Hansberry's” as her taste testers. Every time she tries a new dish, we are usually the first to try. I’m so glad that she’s a great cook, otherwise we wouldn’t be looking forward to our JOB! I think it’s about time she work on some more new dishes, I need some work to do. She is truly a spectacular cook and has a true passion for what she does. It is apparent in every dish!”

Cheryl hunn

Cincinnati, oh

"I had the pleasure of having Courtney's cookies for Christmas 2011. I ordered the toffee, key lime, and red velvet and I got "Bakery Oven Freshness from 500 miles away." The cookies only lasted in my house TWO days! My husband and daughters ate them morning and night! Order Court's cookies for an irresistible tasting treat."

Skye thomas

maui, ha

"Receiving my order of Courtney Cookies, is the highlight of my day. The beautiful packaging is just the beginning of the most delicious cookie experience.... They are moist and bursting with creative flavor. Her true talent and love is tasted in each and every bite. I look forward to her next inventive creation. Courtney Cookies, are definitely my household brand."

tyronn lue

cavaliers head coach | nba champion | Cleveland, OH

"Courtney is my chef during the NBA season. No matter where I am in the US, she’s on a plane and ready to work. My favorite foods are French toast for breakfast and Chinese for dinner. The cookies are INCREDIBLE, especially the key lime!

jay carter

Orlando, fl

"I absolutely love Courtney's cookies always a popular choice for any occasion."