Vacation Diets... Throw Them Away!

I’m in Sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! To say I’m having an amazing time is an understatement! I’m soaking up the sun, venturing out on boats, visiting the mall, and eating my way through the restaurants at the resort and local places in town. I hadn’t planned on a blog today, because, I’m on vacation, however, decided to share my two cents on why it’s not a good idea to come on vacation and diet.

1) Dieting requires time for menu planning, grocery shopping or restaurant selections.

2) Dieting usually requires meals be consumed at a certain time during the day.

3) Dieting limits what you can consume.

4) Dieting on vacation sucks, so just don’t do it! 

Sea of Cortez 

Sea of Cortez 

Clearly I made these rules up, however, they definitely apply to my life this week in Cabo! I even took off my Fitbit, which I wear religiously!!!! I’m not a big fan of alcohol, however, it’s all inclusive so the drinks are definitely being consumed too! I should not be eating dairy (digestive issues), however, I’ve had pizza and ice cream too! I’ll worry about the acne and stomach aches (from dairy) when I leave Cabo. As of today, I’m thoroughly enjoying my happy place, the beach, and exploring this lovely vacation destination! 

Have an awesome week and a very Happy Easter this upcoming Sunday! Until next time..... 


Cabo sign outside the local mall

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