Six Quick & Easy Recipes


As we approach the final week of March and move into the second quarter to the year, I hope each of you are crushing the goals and objectives you set for yourself at the top of the year. If you have fallen off along the way, no worries, you can refocus and pick back up TODAY!

Over the holidays, I purchased six sessions with a life coach and had no clue how our interactions would change the trajectory of my life. Through our sessions, I’ve strengthened my spiritual journey, focused greater detail on my nutritional habits, increased my physical and strength activity, and decided to live life without placing limitations on myself.

I’m sharing six recipes that are healthier meal choices and will keep your nutritional goals on track. I know your time is valuable and spending hours in the kitchen is not ideal, so five of the recipes take less than 15 minutes! I hope you add these to your weekly routine. Enjoy!

At the present moment, I’m not under contract, so I’m taking advantage of my down time to visit family and friends, and invest in self-care. I’m headed to the west coast for a few weeks, so please feel free to reach out if you need culinary services while I’m in town. Until next time…..

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