I’ve been home since Jan 3rd and have been on a mission for consistency with my diet and exercise regimen. Every morning I workout, and have conversations with God which range from career, family, weight loss, spiritual journey and love. On Friday, I traveled from home (Atlanta) to Cincinnati, so I could clean out my apartment from work and turn in my keys. I had my mind made up that I would “cheat” and eat some of my favorite foods while in Cincinnati. Little did I know, my accountability partner (God) had other plans in store for me!

So on Friday, when I arrived to Cincinnati, I went straight to a local chicken spot at a gas station that has some good ole fried chicken and potato wedges! Mmmm mmmm good! I couldn’t wait to eat my two pieces of chicken and I even got extra to take home to heat up for the next day! My grandma made one of my favorites, neck bones and sauerkraut, so I had a bowl of that too. Fast forward my day and I’m in Kroger picking up groceries for a few days. Once again, my intention was to buy everything I loved to eat that wasn’t healthy. I mean, I don’t plan on coming back anytime soon, so it’s time to be glutinous! Then God stepped in and said no ma’am! Not on my watch! And so it began! As I’m in Kroger, my stomach starts to turns upside down. I then start a new prayer.... Dear God, I know I’ve been steadfast and asking for one thing and now I’m deliberately doing another. I assure you, I will prepare some healthy meals at home and eat those meals this week, instead of eating out! By the time I left, my cart looked like a rainbow of colorful veggies, fruits and protein!

Throughout the night, my stomach was upset. I got up Saturday morning, tossed out the extra fried chicken and spent an hour preparing meals, to ensure I stay on track. Last week, I told you variety is key and I did just that, without breaking the bank! I used the same veggies and switched out the protein options and seasonings. Here are a few images of the healthy meals I prepared, which will help me stay the course. I learned a valuable lesson this weekend in the power of prayer and self discipline. BE THE CHANGE YOU NEED TO SEE, because you’re the only person that can be accountable for your own actions! I clearly dodged a bullet and am glad I listened to the little voice in my head (and my stomach), which lead to smart meal prep options, while away from home.

Quick Oven Recipes for Protein:

Salmon/Catfish/Shrimp/Chicken Breast/Filet Mignon/Pork Loin

1) season each protein with different flavor seasoning. Choose from Cajun, blackened, lemon pepper, fajita or rosemary garlic.  

2) purchase disposable foil pans and use different pan with each protein. Spray pan with non-stock cooking spray before adding protein. Then add generous amount of seasonings and cover pan with foil  

3) preheat oven to 375 or 400

4) add 1/4 cup water to each pan

5) cover and bake for 20-30 minutes. If baking shrimp, cook for 12-15 

6) pair with fresh veggies and starch of your choice