Carrot Cake Cookies

On Saturday, my grandma, mom and nephew were all at my moms house. My mom happened to be patching up his stuffed animal and she sat it on the couch. I go to pick up the stuffed animal and he makes a bee-line for me to try and snatch it away. NOT TODAY! So, I pretend like I’m interested in keeping the stuffed animal and that sets his competitive gene off. He explains it’s his elephant and I can’t have it. I’m unbothered by this child and continue to annoy him by hugging the animal and refusing to give it back. I eventually put the elephant down and he swoops in to pick it up and exclaimed MINE!  

Just like me, my nephew is extremely competitive, independent and must be first! I don’t have to be first, however, I’m competitive and very independent. Every year of his short time on earth, my mom and grandma always comment on how he’s just like me when I was that age.

I write this short story because I believe it fits perfectly with my mental state when it comes to my chef and cookie businesses. I’m competitive, independent, driven, and have a desire for any product I create (cookies or food) to be perfect when presented to the client(s).  

Creating these carrot cake cookies was really fun! I’m in a new city (Cincinnati) for work, so enjoyed reaching out to my network here to have them taste test the cookies and provide an honest opinion of the flavor, texture, taste, size, and packaging. The height of these cookies are larger than normal and when you add icing, it looks like a huge mound! They did not fit in my typical cellophane wrappers, so I located wax paper inserts, which also protected the icing from sticking. 

The initial reviews were good, however, as a perfectionist, that wasn’t good enough for me! I went back to the drawing board and tweaked a few ingredients. Batch number two, same test testers.... The reviews were simply amazing! The ultimate test tester was my good friend in California who LOVES carrot cake. It’s her favorite dessert of all time! So batch number three is baked, packaged and shipped off to Cali. She had no clue they were coming, and to my surprise, had a house full of guests on the day they arrived. She graciously shared and contacted me via FaceTime to provide live reviews of the cookies! They loved them!!!

Just in time for the holiday season, my mission is accomplished. Starting November 6th, these decadent, moist, flavorful, cookies,  that taste just like a carrot cake, will be available for online purchasing! They are so large, my extra bourgeois friends decided to eat them with a fork and knife! LOL! I truly appreciate you reading my super long blog post and supporting the cookie business! ❤️💗❤️💗❤️

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