Quick Banana Pudding Recipe

Eight years ago, I was living in Atlanta and working part time, for a newly hired player development coach, for the Boston Celtics. I was providing personal chef services for families and getting my business, Cookies by Courtney, now, Courtney Cookies, off the ground. Every year from May/June through September, I would travel to Las Vegas and provide private chef services for a few NBA players. Cookies, cakes, and pies were always on the menu! Before I would leave to head back to Atlanta, I would remind the guys to make sure they ordered cookies for themselves and teammates when they came to town. It was a way for me to supplement my income and stay connected. About a year into creating the cookie business, I figured out how to ship cookies, which meant, anyone in the USA could order on my site and have fresh baked cookies delivered to their door!

Three years ago I was living in Cleveland working for the head coach of the Cavaliers. He would take my sweets (cookies and cakes) into work to share with the coaches, support staff and players. Reflecting back, I’m grateful to have been in a position, where my baked goods, were walked into the front office of not one, but two, major NBA organizations, and distributed to the masses who enjoyed every bite!

I received a call from a manager of one of the players who was turning forty. He wanted to have an assortment of desserts at his birthday party and asked if I could accommodate 200 people. f course I could! I had been cooking for 150+ by myself, every summer in Vegas, with no problem. We discussed what he was looking for and the dessert menu was set. Mini desserts to accommodate 200 people. He had banana pudding in mini-mason jars, mini caramel pound cakes, mini peach cobblers, and mini red velvet cakes with cream cheese icing drizzled on top. The desserts were a hit! Not one dessert was left on his dessert table! Oh, did I mention 100 items were boxed and wrapped with a bow in the event guests wanted to take desserts home? I was exhausted after having put in close to 25 hours to get everything done on time, with zero ounces of help! To this day, I’m extremely proud of the job I did and excited folks still remember those mini desserts!

As we approach the end of year and the many holiday parties you will attend or host, I wanted to share my banana pudding recipe, just in case you decide to make one as your item for the holiday party. I’d encourage you to make mini jars too, in the event your guests want to take parting gift home.

Banana Pudding Recipe

  • 12 ripe bananas

  • 1 large package instant banana flavored pudding mix

  • 3 cups cold milk (for pudding)

  • 2 boxes Nilla Waffers

  • 2Ts vanilla extract

  • 2 8oz cool whip tubs

In medium bowl, follow instructions on instant pudding box. Once pudding is set, mix in both tubs of cool whip and blend until creamy. Then add vanilla extract and blend. Use a 9x13” pan or mason jars. Add pudding mixture to bottom of pan/jar, banana slices and cookie layer. Repeat these steps until you reach the top of the pan/jar. Add a final layer on pudding mix and cover. Place in fridge for 12-48 hours before serving. Enjoy!