Healthier Eating - Starting Over Today

Over the last two weeks, I transitioned from my home in Georgia to my temporary home in Ohio. I had to clean and declutter my house from top to bottom, get packed, say goodbyes, and coordinate a ride to the airport. Once I arrived in Ohio, I had to pick up transportation, meet with my client, grocery shop, start work, and am currently looking for a permanent place to live. This past week was brutal due to my new wake-up time of 5:15 a.m. While I had good intentions to eat as healthy as possible and workout, that fell all the way to the lowest depths of the gutter! On Saturday, I attended two baby showers and a housewarming. I ate so much, my stomach couldn't even handle me drinking water! Couple all of this with being 45 years old and it's a recipe for disaster when you step on the scale or pull out the measuring tape. 

On today, I made the decision to start anew. I went to the grocery store and focused my attention on low calorie, meatless options, seafood, fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of gallons of water. I'm a chef who preaches one thing to my clients and have been guilty of doing the exact opposite. That all stops now. While I'm in Ohio for OTAs (NFL team training), I too will focus on healthier eating, drop the excess weight, and increase my muscle mass. I finally got in a six mile workout today. It felt good to breathe the fresh air and speak my goals into existence. 

My breakfast was this super healthy pita wrap. It's Weight Watchers friendly and very filling. Try making one this week and don't forget to post a picture and tag @ChefCourt1 on your social media platforms. 

Meatless Pita Wrap

  • two meatless breakfast patties
  • one scrambled egg (I used non-stick cooking spray in the skillet)
  • 1/4 avocado (sliced or diced)
  • pita wrap (Joseph's Heart Friendly Pita Bread)

Prepare your sausage and egg. Place on top of the avocado in the pita wrap. Enjoy!