Brown & Brown - A Winning Combination


Cincinnati, OH is the place we both call home, having been born and raised there. However, our paths crossed when my friend from college (Michael Hairston), reached out about his client needing a chef. I'd worked with NFL players on a limited basis in the past, but nothing consistent. Michael and I spoke at length about what Preston was trying to accomplish this season and I was intrigued. I've helped many athletes shed weight, maintain weight and gain muscle, just not NFL players. Michael setup an interview with Preston and his co-agent and time moved faster than the speed of a bullet! We spoke on a Thursday and the following Friday I was on a plane to Buffalo, NY to meet Preston at training camp and start work that Monday!

Preston's goals were to lose weight prior to the first game of the season and maintain weight loss throughout the season, to ensure optimal performance on the field, through four quarters of football. I had to be on point with every meal prepared as we had a five week window before the season opening game. Preston took measurements and had daily weigh-ins at training camp. And so the journey began every morning with me waking around 4:00 a.m. to prepare meals for the day. I would prep, cook, package, then drive an hour and twenty minutes one way to Rochester, NY and drop a huge rolling cooler off to Preston by 6:00 a.m. at their training camp location. Then I drove back to Buffalo!


As a private chef, you learn early on in your career, in order to help a client achieve results, you must go above and beyond to meet their needs. Preston is a man of few words, so I was nervous at first that he may not like the meals and would resort to eating some of the unhealthy options provided at training camp. Within 10 days, Preston started seeing results on the scale! When we finally reached the first game of the 2017 NFL season, he had exceeded his weight loss goal and his body fat percentage had dropped by 3.5%! Talk about being ecstatic!!!! I was so excited for the progress we made in such a short amount of time and eager to see how his diet changes would effect his performance throughout the season. 

In October, Preston came home and mentioned a local reporter from Spectrum was interested in doing a segment about him and his chef and wanted to know if I was interested. Yes sir! Sign me up. Talk about nerves! What was I gonna cook, what questions would he ask, I hope I don't babble, my makeup, my hair... Yes, all those thoughts went through my head. In two short weeks. I would be talking on camera about my client and his results. The interview went well! Click the link below to view the story and video.

As the season progressed, not only did Preston continue to lose weight, he also gained endurance, strength, stamina and was more agile. He had never lead the NFL in tackles, and this season, it looked like he had a chance to do just that! Let's go Preston, Let's go! As the final game of the season approached, the Bills had a chance to make it to the playoffs. It was a longshot, but certainly possible if the stars aligned. The Buffalo Bills had not made a playoff appearance in 17 years and Preston had never lead the NFL in tackles. On December 31, 2017, The Buffalo Bills defied every odd and made the playoffs! Their 17 year drought was over! The icing on the cake was Preston lead the NFL in tackles with 144!!!! 

At the end of July, we had a goal in mind and that was for Preston lose weight and maintain his endurance for optimal performance. He exceeded his goals, lead the NFL in tackles and helped the Buffalo Bills punch their ticket to the playoffs after a 17 year hiatus! I continue to be grateful and give thanks to God, for aligning me with professional athletes who value the culinary arts profession! Click the link below to view a recent article about Preston changing his diet.