Courtney Cookies Winners Announced!

Good Morning!!!!

Tyrone Stevenson, Jerry Reed, Emily Uppleger and Stella Scott are the winners of FREE Courtney Cookies! Each of you have been sent an email requesting your shipping address. Please reply by 5:00pm EST on Tuesday, April 11th to claim your gift. Your FREE, assorted dozen cookies will bake and ship on Wednesday, April 12th.  

I have been in business for 11 years and never understood the importance of reaching my customers via email. After meeting with a brand strategist in January 2017, she explained the benefits of growing my business and why emails were the best option for my culinary and baking services. I truly appreciate everyone that signed up for my email marketing list. Thank you for making my first giveaway experience a great one! 

Congratulations again to the winners!  

Courtney BrownComment